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Prepaid Israeli SIM card Starter plan by Pelephone


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Here you can choose pelephone plan for your needs. With each plan, you will receive a FREE Israeli SIM card. If you already have an Israeli SIM card and you only want to renew your plan please go to recharge Pelephone Prepaid SIM card plan.

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Prepaid Israeli SIM Card by Pelephone

We provide an online platform for Prepaid Israeli SIM card by Pelephone and all leading telephone operators in Israel and free Israeli SIM card for starter pay as you go plan.

You can also have look on the rest of the leading mobile operators in Israel for starter SIM Card plans:


  • Please contact your service provider to ensure your phone is not locked to International SIM use.
  • Our SIM cards are all three sizes in one, therefore there is no need to indicate which size you need.
  • The Israeli providers unlimited usage is restricted to a fair and reasonable usage by an average individual.
  • We provide only prepaid services. No surprise bills at the end of your usage!

Billing and Registration:

  • You will be notified regarding your bill via the email address you will provide.

Services Not included:


The first mobile network provider in Israel. Pelephone provides high quality Prepaid Israeli SIM Card connection and working very good in all Israel.

Prepaid Israeli SIM Card from Pelephone – Plans Price List

PriceDom. Calls / SMSDataValidExtras
Data & Calls
₪95 ($28)unlimited20 GB30 daysPrepaid Israeli SIM Card Pelephone
₪115 ($34)unlimited30 GB30 daysPelephone Prepaid SIM Card Israel
₪135 ($40)unlimited50 GB30 daysPrepaid Israeli SIM Card Pelephone
₪110 ($34)unlimited20 GB30 days+ 40 NIS for international calls
₪175 ($53)unlimited100 GB30 days+ 100 NIS for international calls
₪75 ($22)5 GB30 daysPelephone Prepaid DATA SIM Card
₪105 ($32)15 GB30 daysPelephone Prepaid DATA SIM Card
₪170 ($51)100 GB30 daysPelephone Prepaid DATA SIM Card


Pelephone Customer Service

The customer service schedule is 8:00AM– 21:00PM Sunday to Thursday and 8:00AM – 13:00PM both Fridays and for the erev hag.

Accessing the customer service is easy. You just have to call *88 Ext 1-3 or *166 from the SIM card. The menu isn’t in English, but the customer service does offer English support. Alternatively, use the landline phone numbers like 1-700-558-088 and 050-7077788!

Pelephone Message Center Number (For SMS)

Sometimes, you may not be able to send a SMS. If that’s the case, you need to enter the SMS settings of your device and add +972500200011. This is the message center number, and once you add it you will be able to send any text messages you want!

Pelephone Phone Requirements

The first thing you need to check is whether the phone can function in the UMTS bands, and more specifically UMTS 850 or 2100. Then you also have to see whether the phone has any service provider lock.

If you are unable to determine that, just use a SIM card from another service provider. You can call the service provider to verify this and receive any unlock code if that’s necessary!

Using Pelephone SIM Card abroad

Pelephone International’s roaming service requires you to sign up to it. In order to do that, you have to dial 1-700-558-088 or 050-7077788 from another phone. If you want, you can just call *166 from the Pelephone SIM card if you want. The *166 call is free of any charges; any other method will require a charge.

A thing to note here is that you can make outgoing calls on select networks, receive calls and SMS. However, the DATA services, as well as texting, is not available. Moreover, you will be able to use roaming services until you run out of credit.

And while the line can be opened for roaming services, you do have to pay 20 NIS for the incoming calls and 27 NIS for the outgoing calls. All the prepaid SIM cards in Israel automatically disable roaming.

How to find out my Pelephone prepaid SIM card phone number?

To find out your Pelephone prepaid SIM card phone number just need to dial 050-5001011.

How to set up internet data connection for pelephone prepaid SIM card (APN Settings)

By default the internet settings for pelephone is automatically set, when you insert the SIM card in the phone. If for any reason you need to do the settings manually, here is the way how to do it.

  • Name: Pelephone
  • APN:
  • Username: pcl@3g
  • password: pcl
How to Receive International Calls on Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card?

All israeli sim card phone number in Israel have 10 digits (05x-xxx-xxxx)

To receive calls from abroad must to dial the Israel’s country code followed by your phone number, including dialing code, without the zero (+972-5x-xxx-xxxx)

To receive calls from Israel your number will be dialed as usual, just as if you were in
Israel (05x-xxx-xxxx)

How to Change Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card Menu Language?

If you want to change Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card menu language, you need to dial *999 for administrate menu, to change your language press 2, then to choose your language press:

  1. for Hebrew
  2. for Arabic
  3. for English
  4. for Russian
How to Check Pelephone Voicemail?

To Check your Voicemail on Pelephone you must hold down your ‘1’ key or dial *151. The password by default is 1234*. The instructions will guide you through the voicemail menu.

How to Check Pelephone Account Balance?

You have an option to check your account balance anytime by dialing *998 from your prepaid Pelephone SIM card.

  • This is a free call.



Prepaid Israeli SIM Card APN Settings and service numbers for Pelephone

  • APN:
  • User Name: pcl@3g
  • Password: pcl
  • Check balance dial: *998
  • Check phone number dial: 050 500 1011

Additional information

Choose SIM Card Size

Regular SIM Card, Micro SIM Card, Nano SIM Card

Choose Pay As You Go Plan by Pelephone

Pelephone Unlimited Calls and SMS + 20GB for 30 Days, Pelephone Unlimited Calls and SMS + 30GB for 30 Days, Pelephone Unlimited Calls and SMS + 50GB for 30 Days, Pelephone 5GB Data Only for 30 Days, Pelephone 15GB Data Only for 30 Days, Pelephone 100GB Data Only for 30 Days, Pelephone Unlimited Calls and SMS + 20GB + 30 Credits for International Calls for 30 Days, Pelephone Unlimited Calls and SMS + 100GB + 70 Credits for International Calls for 30 Days

7 reviews for Prepaid Israeli SIM card Starter plan by Pelephone

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    one of the main players on the market in Israel good coverage and very fast internet

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very good prices for Starter Israeli prepaid sim card Pelephone… Fast process

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    PC Works delivered some great services for me throughout the years, and even if I am not one for leaving customer reviews, this company deserves the praise. They are a pleasure to work with and their team is really good at what they do. They are also going overboard with their services, and each time I chose to work with them I ended up very happy and satisfied. This goes to show that working with PC Works is a pleasure and each time you do that, you have a stellar efficiency delivered by all these great persons. It’s just a joy to have such services delivered carefully, and each time I was really happy with their entire product and service range!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am very pleased with the services of this company. Good quality at low prices!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    you can always trust them

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I always get what I paid for

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    You are the greatest professionals

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