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Israeli Prepaid SIM card starter plan by Hot Mobile


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Here you can choose a Hot Mobile Prepaid Israeli SIM Card plan for your needs. With each plan, you will receive an Israeli SIM card. If you already have an Israeli SIM card and you only want to renew your plan please go to recharge HOT Mobile prepaid SIM card plan.

You can choose a plan online or get one in our local store for SIM Cards in Tel Aviv

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Israeli Prepaid SIM Card Hot Mobile

Hot Mobile prepaid SIM card is one of the cheapest mobile network providers in Israel. Hot Mobile provides high-quality connection Israeli Prepaid SIM Card and working very well in all Israel. We provide an online platform for all leading telephone operators in Israel and Israeli SIM cards for starter pay as you go plan. Don’t forget to check our loyalty rewards.

  1. HOT Mobile Price List
  2. Specification
  3. APN Settings
  4. Questions and Answers
  5. Additional Information

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  • Please contact your service provider to ensure your phone is not locked to International SIM use.
  • Our SIM cards are all three sizes in one, therefore there is no need to indicate which size you need.
  • The Israeli provider’s unlimited usage is restricted to fair and reasonable usage by an average individual.
  • We provide only prepaid services. No surprise bills at the end of your usage!

Billing and Registration:

  • You will be notified regarding your bill via the email address you will provide.

Services Not included:

Israeli Prepaid SIM Card Hot Mobile

One of the cheapest mobile network providers in Israel. Hot Mobile provides high-quality connection Israeli Prepaid SIM Card and working very well in all Israel.

Price List for HOT Mobile Prepaid Plans

Prices in this table are for starter plans of HOT Mobile, for recharging prices please visit the recharge HOT Mobile web page.

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValid
Data & Calls
₪65 ($ 19)5 GB500 min. + SMS30 days Hot Mobile Israeli DATA SIM
₪85 ($ 26)30 GBUnlimited(UL)30 daysPrepaid Israeli SIM Card Hot Mobile
₪95 ($ 28)35 GB(UL) Unlimited30 days+ 30 NIS for calls abroad
₪109 ($ 33)50 GBUnlimited (UL)30 daysPrepaid Israeli SIM Card Hot Mobile
₪115 ($ 34)60 GB(UL) Unlimited30 days+ 40 NIS for calls abroad
₪119 ($ 35)100 GBUnlimited (UL)30 daysPrepaid Israeli SIM Card Hot Mobile
₪175 ($ 54)200 GB30 days DATA SIM Card from HOT Mobile


Mobile DATA Calculator

Calculate how much mobile data you use per month by moving the slides according to time or number of interactions on a daily base.

4 min. a day



4 min. a day



4 min. a day



4 min. aday



4 min. a day



4 pages / day



4 emails / day



4 min. a day



Total: GB

Total: GB

Total: Hours

Total: Hours


APN Settings and service numbers for Hot Mobile

  • APN: net.hotm (need to enable roaming data)
  • to check balance, send “b” to 700
  • For customer service and info *6733 (multilanguage audio menu)


HOT Mobile SIM Card Israel, Questions and Answers

How to check your HOT Mobile phone number

To check your prepaid HOT Mobile SIM card phone number Call to *6733 than press 4

How to call an international destination with HOT Mobile

Enter the prefix of your international service operator (012) > the country code > the phone number you are calling > press “CALL”.

How to recharge and checking the balance of HOT Mobile

To recharge HOT Mobile SIM Card new plan click here.
To check your HOT Mobile SIM Card balance – send an SMS with the letter B to number 700.

HOT Mobile Internet (APN) settings

To setup Internet (APN) settings for HOT Mobile:

For an iPhone device: Simply turn the device off and restart it.
For an Android device: When connect to the service, a system message will appear. Press “ACCEPT”, then turn the device off and restart it. To see the system message, scroll down (If no system message is received, send an SMS with the letters APN to 610).

How to change HOT Mobile menu language

To select a language call *6733 then press:

  1.  for Henrew
  2.  for Arabic
  3.  for Russian
  4.  for English


Additional Information About Hot Mobile Prepaid (HOT TALK)

Most cellular companies now offer prepaid options, via SIM cards, one-time and rechargeable cards that can be purchased at various locations throughout the country that can be paid for in cash.

The advantage of prepaid cards is the ability to completely control one’s mobile spending, so these cards are especially suitable for children and those who do not have a credit card, but also for anyone who wants to control expenses or needs a temporary local number such as tourists or foreign workers.

Hot Mobile

HOT Mobile is a subsidiary of HOT and has been around starting in 2010. Since 2016, the company operates a joint antenna network with Partner, but HOT is not one of the three largest cellular companies in Israel.

Since the cooperation with Partner, the quality of reception at Hot Mobile has increased dramatically, and with the entry of new companies into the cellular market, the price of the company’s services has decreased, bringing it to over 1.5 million users in Israel.

At the same time, HOT itself is not a popular company in Israel and the company’s known service problems also negatively affect HOT Mobile.

Claim or purchase

Some companies offer one-time tickets, that is, cards with a face value that once you have used the amount that they were using, you must purchase a new card. Some companies offer recharge cards, which means that tickets are loaded on an additional period of money each time. Of course, when it comes to one-time tickets, the phone number changes with each card again, while recharge cards allow you to keep the same phone number. Hot Mobile’s prepaid tracks are called HOT-TALK and are available on several tracks.

Israeli prepaid sim card hot mobile is the cellular company that offers the most prepaid cards, and like other companies, the more you invest in a larger amount, the less you will pay for an air minute.

Prices and tickets

With the launch of Israeli prepaid sim card hot mobile, their price was relatively high, but due to competition in the prepaid cards sector, the price dropped considerably.

Additional information

Choose Pay As You Go Plan by Hot Mobile

Hot Mobile Unlimited Calls and SMS + 30GB Data for 30 Days, Hot Mobile Unlimited Calls and SMS + 50GB Data for 30 Days, Hot Mobile Unlimited Calls and SMS + 100GB Data for 30 Days, Hot Mobile Unlimited Calls and SMS + 35GB + 30 Credits for International Calls for 30 Days, Hot Mobile Unlimited Calls and SMS + 60GB + 40 Credits for International Calls Data for 30 Days, Hot Mobile 500 min + SMS + 5GB Data for 10 Days, Hot Mobile 200GB Data Only for 30 Days, Hot Mobile 50 Regular Credits for 180 Days

6 reviews for Israeli Prepaid SIM card starter plan by Hot Mobile

  1. roy

    you can always trust them

  2. alis

    High-quality service. I highly recommend

  3. Gadi

    I am very pleased with the services of this company. Good quality at low prices!

  4. Tonia

    The best prices for prepaid SIM cards in Tel Aviv. They are very competent in the field of sim cards and are very helpful for the tourists in Tel Aviv.

  5. Slavi Korica

    When I started the purchase of a SIM card from PC Works, I really didn’t know what to expect. Lots of people spread positive vibes about them, and when I needed this sort of service, I just went with their service and saw what they can offer for me. It was definitely a nice sight to have and one that did bring in front some very interesting and unique solutions. Which, for me, is exactly what I want and expect from such a reputable business

  6. Nikko Mollov

    We provide best prices for Hot Mobile Starter Israel prepaid sim card.

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