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Golan Telecom SIM card Israel is a prepaid SIM card for people who travel in Israel and want to save on roaming expenses. If you already have an Golan Telecom SIM card and you only want to renew your plan please go to recharge Golan Telecom Prepaid SIM card plan.

You can choose a plan online or get one in our local store for SIM Cards in Tel Aviv

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Golan Telecom SIM Card GOLANtalk Prepaid SIM Card

Golan Telecom SIM card Israel is a prepaid SIM card for people who travel in Israel and want to save on roaming expenses. We provide an online platform to buy a Golan Telecom SIM card, we work with all leading telephone operators in Israel. Don’t forget to check or loyalty reward.

Below in the description you will be able to find out everything about Golan Telecom SIM card:

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  • Please contact your service provider to ensure your phone is not locked to International SIM use.
  • Our SIM cards are all three sizes in one, therefore there is no need to indicate which size you need.
  • The Israeli providers unlimited usage is restricted to a fair and reasonable usage by an average individual.
  • We provide only prepaid services. No surprise bills at the end of your usage!

Billing and Registration:

  • You will be notified regarding your bill via the email address you will provide.

Services Not included:

Golan Telecom – GOLANtalk

One of the most cheapest mobile network provider in Israel. Golan Telecom provides high quality connection Israeli Prepaid SIM Card and working very good in all Israel.

Golan Telecom SIM Card Price List. The prices including SIM Card and activation fees

Price Dom. Calls / SMS Data Valid Extras
Data & Calls
₪85 ($ 25) unlimited 40 GB 30 days Golan Telecom SIM Card Israel
₪95 ($ 28) unlimited 75 GB 30 days Israeli SIM Card Golan Telecom GOLANtalk


APN Settings and service numbers for Golan Telecom

  • APN: internet.golantelecom.net.il (enable data roaming)
  • Check balance status dial: *998#


Mobile DATA Calculator

Calculate how much mobile data you use per months by moving the slides according to time or number of interactions on daily base.

4 min. a day



4 min. a day



4 min. a day



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4 min. a day



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4 emails / day



4 min. a day



Total: GB

Total: GB

Total: Hours

Total: Hours


Additional Information

Golan Telecom – GOLANtalk

The main difference between prepaid cards and regular post-pay cards is the degree of control over how much we spend when using our cellphones.

While regular SIM cards are paid for after their use and according to the extent of how much we used our phone, with prepaid cards you pay in advance, and the card works until the time that was charged on it is used up (or the card expires). Golan-Telecom is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing prepaid card market.

For who is it good for?

Prepaid cards are ideal for young people whose parents want full control over mobile phone expenses, a fixed budget that can not be passed, those who do not have a credit card such as foreign workers, and anyone who wants to save on expenses, such as students.

Since most prepaid cards are not charged but replaced, and with each change the phone number changes, and because the cards can be bought at cash at different points of sale rather than in the phone company, and without identification, the prepaid cards are also favored by those who want to hide from the police, but that is not your problem.

Golan Telecom

Golan Telecom entered the cellular communications market in early 2012 as the fifth cellular company in Israel , and in retrospect was one of the companies that led to increased competition between cellular companies in Israel and to lower prices in the market, thanks to the low prices that the company instituted at the beginning of its activity.

Until Golan Telecom entered the cellular market, the billing model imposed by the cellular companies was a fixed charge for air time, which led to high prices.

Golan-Telecom’s billing model offered a fixed and low monthly charge, with no limit on air time. This model was successfully tested in France by the company’s owners, and has affected the decline in cellular communications prices in the country.

After the launch of Golan Telecom in May 2012, and with the introduction of its new prices, which were significantly cheaper than competitors’ prices, the other companies were forced to align and lower the price as well.

Golan Telecom is currently owned by Electra.


Golan Telecom entered the prepaid sector only in the middle of 2018. The company’s opening operations offered very low prices for the first few months. The company’s prepaid cards are called GOLANtalk, and initially they were marketed through an external company called TCM.

Today, GOLANtalk cards cost more or less as much as HOT‘s and Pelephone‘s cards, which is a little more than Rami Levy‘s price and a little less than Partner‘s, and also include special cards that enable calling abroad, special packages for internet surfing only, packages for chargeable cards and more.

Additional information

Choose Pay As You Go Plan by Golan Telecom

Golan Telecom – Unlimited Calls and SMS + 40 GB for 30 Days, Golan Telecom – Unlimited Calls and SMS + 75 GB for 30 Days

4 reviews for Golan Telecom SIM Card – Prepaid SIM Card Israel GOLANtalk

  1. Nikko

    Hello Jake Leslie, thank you for your feedback.

    I just want to tell you that we was in Jerusalem something like 2 months ago to do internet speed test of all prepaid SIM card companies in Israel. You can see the video with the results, and Golan Telecom company support 4G connection with very good speed.

    Watch the video that compare between the biggest companies in Israel

    What the screenshot video for Golan Telecom internet speed test

  2. Jake Leslie

    I bought a Golan SIM this morning in Jerusalem. Walking fifteen kilometres around the city today, the average reception was 1-2 of 4 bars using an iPhone 8. This was with 3G, not 4G. The connectivity was so painfully slow that I was unable to use Google Maps or Safari.

    I would suggest finding a more reliable telco if you are planning to visit Israel.

  3. Shaul

    High quality service and very good price for prepaid sim card in Tel Aviv. Three times cheaper than the airport!

  4. Nikko Mollov

    Golan Telecom SIM card Israel is excellent to save on roaming expenses

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