Additional Information About Partner (Orangr) Prepaid SIM Card Israel

The best solution for those who want full control over their spending on mobile communications and those who do not have a credit card is purchasing a SIM card. Today, almost all prepaid cards can be purchased from all the cellular companies, and all we have to do is choose the card that is right for us. Everything you wanted to know about BIGTALK, Partner’s prepaid card.

What’s the Deal

Prepaid cards are disposable or rechargeable cards that allow us to recharge them for a certain amount of time, depending on the budget we have. When the money charged on the card is over, it is possible to continue receiving calls or SMS messages only, but you can not send calls, text messages or surf, including Whatsap calls made over the Internet.

Globally, the prepaid system is very common, while in Israel the popularity of cards is still relatively low, even though they have existed in the market for several years now. Their biggest advantage is the possible control over mobile expenses, so a prepaid card can be useful for parents of young people who want to limit their expenses on the cellular phone and anyone with a budget.

Prepaid SIM cards

Because the prepaid cards are prepaid, before and after use, you can pay for the cards in cash and buy them at various points of sale around the country, such as kiosks, supermarkets or post offices, and not necessarily at the company itself,  this makes the card is accessible and available to foreign workers, for example, tourists, students and more.

Most cellular companies now offer prepaid cards under different conditions, with monthly subscription or without, charging or one-time, with calls to or without, for calls only, for surfing only, with access to advanced services of the company or without, etc. Anyone can find Including the card that suits him or her best, for the price and service.


Partner (formerly Orange) is one of the three leading cellular companies in the market, although with the entry of new companies in recent years, the company suffered a 30% reduction in its customers. The company operates a cellular network under the name Partner and under 012 mobile. It also provides local telephone services, internet surfing and international calls, and even launched media services under the name PARTNER TV. The company’s antenna network serves both Partner’s customers and HOT Mobile customers, in accordance with the agreement signed between the two companies in 2016.


Partner’s prepaid cards are called BIGTALK and come in several options, including or without advanced services such as voicemail, song playing instead of dial tone, and more.

One of Partner”s unique services, in the BIGTALK card system, is the ability to keep up to date on your balance with on-screen electronic display or through a phone call, so you can know where you stand exactly in terms of your planned expenses.

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