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Cellcom Talkman (Prepaid)

The days when Pelephone controlled the cellular market completely have long since been forgotten, and not many people remember that Cellcom was the second largest cellular company in Israel.

Entry of Cellcom into the cellular market started the price competition in the cellular market, which is now reaching a record high thanks to a large number of cellular companies. This competition led to various plans designed to save us expenses, such as prepaid plans, which Cellcom is called Talkman.

What is Prepaid?

Prepaid is a program that allows the customer full control over expenses on the cellular phone and in every company it is called by another name. At Cellcom the prepaid program is called Talkman.

This idea of ​​the program is to prepay for a certain amount of air time, that is, calls, sending and surfing. The Tokman program is not limited in time but in use, and is therefore excellent for those who need a little use of the mobile over a long period of time, for parents who want to limit the children’s spending on the phone, etc..

For the company

Founded in 1994 and since 2015 has been the largest cellular company in Israel. Cellcom was the second company to open in Israel in the cellular field, and it won the tender after pledging to give a low consumer price for at least five years.

Difference between Cellcom’s price and Pelephone’s price, which until then had enjoyed a cellular monopoly, was eight times higher, but once the company’s commitment period was low, Cellcom raised the price of using cellular phones to the private sector in a reduced manner.

Together with the low price, Cellcom had an unreliable image due to the lack of base stations and lack of coverage for absorption in certain areas of the country.

At the end of the 1990s, awareness of the danger of radiation from cellular antennas increased in Israel, and therefore the company found it difficult to install antennas in certain places, while in some cases the antennas were prevented by legal orders.

Today, as stated, this is the largest cellular company in Israel.

Prepaid Cellcom Talkman

Talkman payment track is determined in advance by the user, depending on the amount of use he wants. Israeli prepaid sim card from Cellcom does not have monthly usage fees on the Talkman’s prepaid route, and the price includes voice and caller ID services at no charge, provided that it is over 50 NIS.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Talkman

Advantages and disadvantages of Cellcom’s Talkman track are similar to the advantages and disadvantages of all the other prepaid tracks, apart from Talkman’s low price of compared with the prices of the prepaid tracks in the other companies.

The advantages of prepaid programs include low airtime prices compared with other programs, and more convenient control over expenses.

Israeli prepaid sim programs in general, and the Talkman programs in particular, are very suitable for those who change addresses and phone numbers frequently, such as students, for example, and for those who want to keep their privacy and not reveal their phone number.

The drawbacks of the prepaid programs include the inability to make calls abroad and receive various content services and there is a limit browsing time, messages and calls.

A word about privacy

Since the Talkman is sold in parking lots that do not require the user ID, such as kiosks and other places, and the payment is usually made in cash and low amounts, it actually gives total anonymity to the user on the card. In addition, the card is one-time, meaning that the number is valid for the period of use only and changes with the purchase of a new card.

On the one hand it is convenient and efficient, and on the other hand the police are afraid that it allows criminal or hostile elements to use Talkman cards in their favor.


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