Privacy Policy

How we use cookies?

Cookies are files that websites store on your hard drive. We ask you for permission to store them on your computer. If you agree, these files will be stored on the drive, and our website will access them. This enables us to analyze when you visit our website, and we can also identify what you like, dislike and other relevant stuff. All of these things add up and provide us with a good insight into the type of information you need.

Our team uses a dedicated set of traffic cookies. As a result, we have the ability to study the website data. This also helps us improve our services based on your particular needs. We use this info solely as a statistic, and we always remove the data once we use it. So there won’t be any perils!

As a whole, cookies make it easier for us to improve your site. They offer an automatic feedback that quickly tells us what you like or dislike. We won’t be able to access your PC in any way, nor any information about you as a person or anything like that.

Of course, you can decline or accept cookies. Usually, the web browser will end up accepting cookies automatically, but you can disable that in its settings. This way you can take complete advantage of the website offers.


Your information will be kept safe at all times. There are situations when hackers want to attack systems, but we have a dedicated set of procedures that include physical as well as digital components designed to maintain the safety of all information that we acquire in the online world.

Secure Online Shopping

Our team has created a distinct encryption system that allows you to maintain a complete sense of security. When you work with us and purchase items via our store, you will be safe at all times.

What information will you collect?

Our team collects specific information when you place new orders, fill out forms, subscribe to the newsletter or register to the site. You will usually be required to add things like the phone number, email address, your full name and so on. In case you make a purchase, you will need to add credit card info as well. You are free to choose the site without registering if you want.

Links to other websites

There are situations when we want to link to other sites that may bring more information for you. Do keep in mind that we can’t control what will happen once you leave our website. If you leave the site, you are the person responsible for your privacy and safety in the online world. Study the privacy policy of every site that you can see if you want to stay away from any problem

One thing is certain, we don’t like spam and we never share your info or sell it. So, you can trust us to bring you the best results, while also keeping your information safe.

Contact us

In case you have any questions or you want to learn more about our privacy policy, you can get in touch at the address listed below!


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