Prepaid Sim Card Israel Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Prepaid Sim Card Israel Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
How to check your HOT Mobile phone number

To check your prepaid HOT Mobile SIM card phone number Call to *6733 than press 4

How to call an international destination with HOT Mobile

Enter the prefix of your international service operator (012) > the country code > the phone number you are calling > press “CALL”.

How to recharge and checking the balance of HOT Mobile

To recharge HOT Mobile SIM Card new plan click here.
To check your HOT Mobile SIM Card balance – send an SMS with the letter B to number 700.

HOT Mobile Internet (APN) settings

To setup Internet (APN) settings for HOT Mobile:

For an iPhone device: Simply turn the device off and restart it.
For an Android device: When connect to the service, a system message will appear. Press “ACCEPT”, then turn the device off and restart it. To see the system message, scroll down (If no system message is received, send an SMS with the letters APN to 610).

How to change HOT Mobile menu language

To select a language call *6733 then press:

  1.  for Henrew
  2.  for Arabic
  3.  for Russian
  4.  for English
Partner (Orange) Customer Service

Whenever you need to talk with the Orange Customer Service in Israel, you can do that via dialing *111, then choose the ext 0. 1-800-672643 is the number that you need to call via the landlines if that’s necessary.

The customer service schedule is 8:00 AM – 21:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday and 8:00 AM – 13:00 PM during erev hag.

How can you change the language of Partner BigTalk SIM Card?

In order to change the current language to a new one, all you have to do is to Dial *111 ext. 7 and then you can select one of the languages listed below:

  1. Hebrew,
  2. Russian,
  3. Arabic,
  4. English,
  5. Chinese
Checking Partner account balance

If you want to check your account balance, you just have to use the Orange SIM card and dial *111 ext 1. Alternatively, you can also dial *111#. The latter option will automatically send you an SMS with the current balance information.

If you want to learn more about account data plans or bonus plans, just press 1 after you learn the primary account balance. These are the only methods you can use to find the current balance.

Checking Partner voice mail

Usually, this won’t require any password. If you need to add a password, then write 1111#. The password is requested only when you tend to check the voice mail from another phone. Either way, you will receive instructions from the menu, and the process will be very intuitive.

When you want to access the voice mail from another phone, just dial the phone number and at the time when the VM will pick up, just add the password!

Receiving international and local calls on Partner SIM Card

Partner (Orange) phone numbers for the Israeli SIM cards have this type of format 054-xxx-xxxx and they have 10 digits in total. In Israel, you will be dialed normally, without the need of any extra, added numbers. In case you want to be called from outside Israel, then that person needs to add +972-54-xxx-xxxx, so the country code has to be inserted here!

Partner Phone Requirements

Your phone needs to be unlocked. It also has to support the GSM 900/1800 and the UMTS 2100 networks.

Using Partner SIM card abroad

These prepaid SIM cards are suitable only for Israeli use. That being said, all of these cards are automatically blocked for roaming. There’s the option to open the SIM card for roaming, but this comes with some pretty high fees!

It’s important to have credit added to the account balance if you want to access roaming services. During roaming, you can only access SMS from other people and calls. However, you will not be able to access DATA, MMS or SMS sending services.

If you want to sign up for Orange International Roaming, you just have to call *111, or you can dial 1-800-672643 from any phone you want.

If you do that, you will have the ability to make outgoing calls on specific networks, receive calls and text messages. DATA services and sending SMS is not something you can do, unfortunately.

A thing to note here is that the roaming services work only when you have credit. Receiving messages won’t cost you anything, so this works even if you don’t have any account balance credit, and this is available solely for Orange.

As mentioned above, the fees are very high if you open the line for roaming. The outgoing call cost is roughly 29 NIS, and it will cost you 20 NIS for calls that you received. That’s why the prepaid SIM cards in Israel are blocked for roaming. If you don’t mind the costs, then we can open up this feature for you!

Partner International texting and dialing

All you have to do is to dial 019 or 018, and then you have to add the country code, in the case of the US, this will be 018 or 019 and then 1(555)555-5555.

In order to send messages, you need to add + in front to the country code and then the phone number, something like +1(555)555-5555!

Partner Internet data connection (APN Settings)

Each carrier uses specific APN settings when it comes to the wireless data connections. There are phones that configure APN settings automatically; others need a manual configuration.

In order to do manual configuration, send the letters OTA via a SMS to 999, and you will be required a PIN, enter 0000 for this. The APN settings will automatically be configured for your phone. Keep in mind that this works for Nokia and Android, Blackberry and iPhone models will do this automatically.

If you want to add the APN settings manually, just use the NAME “Orange 3G” and the APN “uniternet”.

Partner Message Center Number (For SMS)

In case you are unable to send SMS to your device, add the number +972544120032 in the SMS settings of your device. This is the message center number, and it will help you send SMS to other people.

How to find your phone Partner (Orange) number?

When you forgot the phone number on the Orange SIM, all you need is to dial *111 ext 6. You will be able to hear your phone number and write it down if you want.

Cellcom Customer Service

There are situations when you may want to work with the Israeli Cellcom customer service to solve an issue. You can either call 1800-052-052 from landlines, *778 from the Israeli cell phones or 052-9986646 if you call from another country.

The schedule is 8:00AM – 21:00PM Sunday to Thursday. During erev hag and Fridays, the schedule is 8:00AM – 13:00PM!

Is there a way to change Cellcom menu language?

If you want to change the menu language, all you need is to dial *777, and then you have to press 7 to choose any of the languages listed below:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Russian
  4. English
  5. Chines
Checking Cellcom account balance

You will be able to find out the current credit balance simply by dialing *777 from the SIM card.

The call is free, and you will have to press 3 if you want to receive an SMS with a current balance or press 2 if you want to hear the balance. If you want to receive an SMS, you will have to pay a small fee!

Checking the voice mail on Cellcom

If you want to check the voice mail, all you need to do is to either hold down your “1” key or dial *80. If you are asked for a password, you have to insert 1234#, any additional instructions are sent automatically via the menu!

Receiving international and local calls on Callcom

If you want to dial from the SIM or abroad, you will need to have the 10-digit phone number, which is usually 052-xxx-xxxx. If you dial from Israel, then you just have to dial normally, without anything extra.

However, if you want to dial from abroad you will need to include the country code and the dialing code, so something along the lines of 052-xxx-xxxx.

Cellcom Phone Requirements

You need to make sure that the phone doesn’t have a lock from the service provider. In case you aren’t sure if the phone has such a lock or not, then it’s a good idea to test it with a SIM card from another service provider.

You will receive an error message if the phone is locked, but if the other SIM card works then the phone is unlocked. Alternatively, you can call the service provider, and this is how you can get the unlock code. Another requirement is support for the GSM 1800 standard as well as the UMTS 2100;850.

Using Cellcom SIM card internationally

If you want to sign up for the roaming service offered by Cellcom International, you just have to dial *778 from your Cellcom device or 1-800-052.052 from any other phone. Keep in mind that while you stay outside the country, you can make outgoing calls to select networks, send texts and receive incoming calls.

However, you are unable to use DATA services or text messages. If you want to use the roaming service, you need to make sure that your account has the right amount of credit.

While the line can be opened for roaming, the thing to keep in mind is that the fees are pretty high. You pay 20 NIS for incoming calls and 27 NIS for the outgoing calls. Since the prepaid SIM cards in Israel are automatically locked from roaming, you will have to opt for an unlock service!

Internet data connection (APN Settings) for Cellcom

Each one of the carriers is using dedicated APN settings to offer a data connection. Nokia and Android devices need manual configuration, but other phones like Blackberry or iPhone do this automatically.

In order to perform the manual configuration, you need to send the VIDEO, MMS or WAP letters via SMS at 8877. If you want, you can also call *320 and ask for the settings. This is all you need to do and the APN settings will be configured automatically. As we mentioned earlier, Blackberry or iPhone smartphones don’t need this step, but Android and Nokia users have to go through it.

The APN settings are the Name: “Cellcom 3G” and the APN “internetg”.

What happens if I can’t send any SMS via Cellcom?

This doesn’t happen often, but if the situation does tend to appear, just enter the message center number +972521100059 in the SMS settings of your device!

Did you forget Cellcom phone number?

In case you forgot the phone number, just call *777 and ext 4 to hear the number. This works solely on the Cellcom SIM cards.

Pelephone Customer Service

The customer service schedule is 8:00AM– 21:00PM Sunday to Thursday and 8:00AM – 13:00PM both Fridays and for the erev hag.

Accessing the customer service is easy. You just have to call *88 Ext 1-3 or *166 from the SIM card. The menu isn’t in English, but the customer service does offer English support. Alternatively, use the landline phone numbers like 1-700-558-088 and 050-7077788!

Pelephone Message Center Number (For SMS)

Sometimes, you may not be able to send a SMS. If that’s the case, you need to enter the SMS settings of your device and add +972500200011. This is the message center number, and once you add it you will be able to send any text messages you want!

Pelephone Phone Requirements

The first thing you need to check is whether the phone can function in the UMTS bands, and more specifically UMTS 850 or 2100. Then you also have to see whether the phone has any service provider lock.

If you are unable to determine that, just use a SIM card from another service provider. You can call the service provider to verify this and receive any unlock code if that’s necessary!

Using Pelephone SIM Card abroad

Pelephone International’s roaming service requires you to sign up to it. In order to do that, you have to dial 1-700-558-088 or 050-7077788 from another phone. If you want, you can just call *166 from the Pelephone SIM card if you want. The *166 call is free of any charges; any other method will require a charge.

A thing to note here is that you can make outgoing calls on select networks, receive calls and SMS. However, the DATA services, as well as texting, is not available. Moreover, you will be able to use roaming services until you run out of credit.

And while the line can be opened for roaming services, you do have to pay 20 NIS for the incoming calls and 27 NIS for the outgoing calls. All the prepaid SIM cards in Israel automatically disable roaming.

How to find out my Pelephone prepaid SIM card phone number?

To find out your Pelephone prepaid SIM card phone number just need to dial 050-5001011.

How to set up internet data connection for pelephone prepaid SIM card (APN Settings)

By default the internet settings for pelephone is automatically set, when you insert the SIM card in the phone. If for any reason you need to do the settings manually, here is the way how to do it.

  • Name: Pelephone
  • APN:
  • Username: pcl@3g
  • password: pcl
How to Receive International Calls on Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card?

All israeli sim card phone number in Israel have 10 digits (05x-xxx-xxxx)

To receive calls from abroad must to dial the Israel’s country code followed by your phone number, including dialing code, without the zero (+972-5x-xxx-xxxx)

To receive calls from Israel your number will be dialed as usual, just as if you were in
Israel (05x-xxx-xxxx)

How to Change Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card Menu Language?

If you want to change Pelephone Prepaid SIM Card menu language, you need to dial *999 for administrate menu, to change your language press 2, then to choose your language press:

  1. for Hebrew
  2. for Arabic
  3. for English
  4. for Russian
How to Check Pelephone Voicemail?

To Check your Voicemail on Pelephone you must hold down your ‘1’ key or dial *151. The password by default is 1234*. The instructions will guide you through the voicemail menu.

How to Check Pelephone Account Balance?

You have an option to check your account balance anytime by dialing *998 from your prepaid Pelephone SIM card.

  • This is a free call.


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