Prepaid Israeli SIM Cards and Office Services in Tel Aviv, Israel

Prepaid SIM Card Israel

Prepaid SIM Card Israel

We provide an online platform for SIM cards top-up, with mobile providers in Israel, and Israeli SIM cards for starter pay as you go plans. Click to check all options.

Office Services Tel Aviv

Office Services Tel Aviv

In our place, You can use all kinds of office services. Printing and document scanning (color and black & white), sending and receiving a fax, international calls.

Internet Cafe Tel Aviv

Internet Cafe Tel Aviv

Internet cafe Tel Aviv is a quiet place that allows you to rent an office workspace for a short time. Check and read emails, work on Word and Office programs, etc.

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★★★★★ Maybe the best thing you will get from the PC Works is their high level service. But what I liked when I worked with them is the fact that they verify manually every transaction.

Not all companies offer something like this nowadays, so when you see something like this, you surely need to appreciate it. I know I am very happy that I got to receive this type of service and it’s certainly a very high level experience that everyone will enjoy quite a lot. So, they come as recommended from me.


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They also have a lot of helpful articles on the site that will help you stay away from any unwanted customer support calls. I am glad I chose to get the SIM card services from them, as they are a good and reliable business with a friendly staff.

suzanne hadida

★★★★★ If there’s a thing I liked a lot when working with the PC Works professionals is the fact that they are very responsive. They know exactly what to do for any situation and they are comfortable when it comes to dealing with any challenge that comes in their way.

That’s why we liked the high attention to detail and the value delivered here. Plus, the prices are good and I would be very happy to recommend this type of services to other people too. Overall, a stellar experience and 5 stars from me!


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I rarely leave a review, but these people deserve it. I liked their unique approach and I also appreciate the fast replies. Usually, you don’t really get this sort of value and quality at a low price, but PC Works impressed me with the high levels of service that they delivered. I am astonished by how good the results are!


★★★★★ Great service. Works perfectly with paypal. Phone was recharged immediately. Will definitely come back.


★★★★★ After a long search, here I found the lowest price of a prepaid SIM card in Israel. Surely if you come to Tel Aviv, never buy a SIM card from the airport and wait to go to the city. This place is in the center of the city and you can easily get there. I RECOMMEND!

Urian Kiroski

★★★★★ I come here evry year for four years now and always receive high-quality service. I will continue to use your services. Thank you very much.

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